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Be Kind Mission Day Thirteen

I was in Scranton Pennsylvania. The alarm went off at 6:00 am. I had lost an hour of sleep, and knew this was going to be a long fifteen hour work day.

I made my way down to the lobby to have breakfast. A guy in the lobby smelled so badly, like cigarette smoke. Come to think of it, the elevator smelled like dirty feet. Woulld this be a day of bad smells?

Could I be kind in the midst of a bad smell day?

Two women in the lobby smiled at me, I did not smile back.

I got my eggs, sausage, coffee and yogurt and began to feed my stomach.

My husband called, to tell me he had missed his flight to the Outer Banks. He was going there to get some stuff for me. Boo Hoo!

I hung up the phone, the smelly guy walked by me again. I stood up and moved.

When passengers began to board the airplane to Charlotte, I couldn't believe it when that smelly guy was on my plane! Now, I HAD to be kind!

I did my best to avoid him most of the flight.

Man, it sure is hard to be kind when you don't want to be kind.

What would Mother Teresa do?

"The more we receive in silent prayer, the more we can give in our active life. Being open to what God wants to give will always be a greter challenge than what we want to give others." Mother Teresa

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