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Be Kind Mission Day Twenty Two

Work began at 8:30-which is the time I must show up at the gate. I am not getting paid for this time. We get paid the minute we push back from the gate.

It was HOT. Summer was rolling in-it was still Spring-but May, and it was HOT in Charlotte.

I got on the aircraft and learned that the aircraft had maintenance issues. The lav was NOT working, and the air was not properly flowing. We sat at the gate for an hour, while passengers yelled at the gate agent inside the Charlotte airport.

At one point the gate agent came out and we told her she could sit in the aircraft with us, and not get yelled at continously by passengers. She said, 'No thanks, it's too hot in here!!..'

Passengers began to board. They were angry. One man even said so the minuste he boarded, "I am angry."

He went to sit in the emergency exit row 8.

When I went to that exit row, the window shade was down-and in exit rows, and row one, window shades must be open for taxi, take off and landing. I advised him of this, and he grunted, yelled and stewed and recluctantly put his shade up. I offered to move him to another seat. He refused stating he paid for this seat in the exit row!

He then looked down at his cell phone with his head phones in his ear. I said, 'Sir, I need your attention for one second. Are you willing and able to assist the crew in the unlikely event of an emergency?' He did not look at me, nor did he answer me! I asked him again..this is a federal law issue, and it is very important we have passengers attention at this point.

He did not look at me and finally in an angry voice said, 'Yes.' I said, 'Sir, if you are not you are more than welcome to change your seat.' He grabbed his carry on and got off the plane!!!!

He went inside the gate and cussed at the gate agent using many words that were unacceptable. She got a manager out to calm him-but he was totally mad.

What would Mother Teresa do?

"Do not allow yourselves to be disheartened by any failure
as long as you have done your best."
~ Mother Teresa ~

I did not allow myself be disheartened in this situation. I did my best. I offered to move him, and he refused. I validated his frustration-and he ignored me angrily. He voluntarily got off the airplane. I had a wonderful day despite this situation. I was kind, and he was angry!

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