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Be Kind Mission day Nineteen!

It was Palm Sunday, and I desperately wanted to be at church, but had to work for a living. The day ahead would be a twelve hour one. Showers and thunder storms were predicted for the delightful day.
She boarded the aircraft in a delightful mood, and sat on the front row. We chatted about the wedding she had attended the eve prior. She told me all about the wine, dancing and food.
Through the entire flight, she was a delight to laugh with! Then suddenly, out of nowhere, she grabs the barf bag.
It was easy to be kind to her when she was fun-loving and clean. Once the bags came out, I knew it was trouble.
She said, “I never get sick, I drank too much last night.” She filled up four bags.
The trick of it was that I had to sit in my jump seat, it was right before landing! I was completely horrified. I could not reach any paper towels, or anything. I handed her something to drink, because I could reach the beverages from my jump seat.
Upon landing, and once we got off the active run way, I got up and gave her some wet paper towels, and some wet ones to clean herself. She had stuff all over her face, and did not have any napkins. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was definitely hard to maintain my kindness and composure. I learned that it is easy to be kind to people when they are fun-loving, and harder to be kind and maintain peace when a passenger is throwing up.
When she got off the aircraft she told the pilot I did a great job. There was another pilot on the aircraft who also told me I did a great job.
After the ordeal was over, my pilot brought me a chicken salad sandwich. I didn’t eat that for a while!
What would Mother Teresa do?
“If you look at the cross, you will see His head lowered to kiss you. You will see His arms stretched out to embrace you, you will see His heart open to welcome you.”
Mother Teresa would be kind to this woman whether she was healthy or sick, and so would Jesus.
How appropriate this would all happen on Palm Sunday!

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