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Be Kind Mission Day Twenty Four

Standing on front of the luminious, antique Redmont Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, on a hot Tuesday...looking at my mom, my Captain and my Aunt...she approached my mother rather reluctantly.

She looked like she had a rough night.

Originally, the eve prior, I was supposed to go to Arkansas for my overnight. However, scheduling had phoned me at 10:15 pm stating, "Can you work the flight to Birmingham, Alabama instead..?" Well, of course, I thought, my mom lives in Alabama!

Mom and I spent the morning together. She had surprised me at the Redmont Hotel at approximately 8:30. Mom brought me back to the hotel for my shuttle in the afternoon.

There the four of us were, talking in front of the beautiful Redmont, historic hotel.

What an exciting adventure-to be in Alabama suddenly with my family. They got to meet the Captain!

This woman, who approached my mother, looked so rough and said, "Do you have any change, or a few bucks?"

With concern in her voice, mom said, 'No.' Then she looked at me and stated, "Do you ?"


She totally put me on the spot.

What was I to do?

Well, I had made it my personal mission to give any tip money away that I received on the aircraft. I remembered I had received some tip money the eve prior.

I gave it to the lady.

The Captain said, "You are  more kind than I. I don't give any money to those racketeers."

My Aunt agreed.

Mom was apprently proud of her daughter.

What would Mother Teresa do?

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. Mother Teresa

I realize though,  my weaknesses in this situation. Would I have given the money to the lady if my mother had not put me on the spot?.....hum....................................................................

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