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be kind mission-day one

February 18 2011
 Day One Be Kind Challenge

Blew it first thing this morning! Got up at 3:00 am to get to work. My husband had to drive me from Outer Banks to Norfolk. Flight Attendants are on standby-we don’t get special boarding priveleges, even when we need to get to work.
When I got to the airport it was packed, so early to be packed! I wasn’t smiling much. I forgot about my be kind mission. When I got to the gate, the gate agent was especially short and rude and I don’t mean short in height like me.
I tried explaining to him that I needed to get to work, and that last night I was bumped from my flight. So my husband and I had already driven four hours yesterday and I got four hours of sleep to get back to here in the morning to catch this flight. First thing he says is ,  “It’s not looking good for you. The 7:00 am flight was cancelled so everyone is on this 5:20 am flight. If you have a problem, speak to my manager-you need more patience.”
What?! More patience? Is he kidding me? I bit my tongue, and walked away. I went to the other gate agent who was equally as rude, and yet he gave a pilot a seat before me who came to the window after me. I sat and waited and got on the airplane when all was said and done, there were six empty seats on that plane!
I was not kind to the gate agent.
I failed day one..but wait, it is only 7:53 in the morning, maybe I can redeem the day!
Quote “By forgetting yourself, you find yourself.” Mother Teresa

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